Manufacturing with Collaborative Robots

Despite collaborative robots (catbots) being exactly they say on the tin there is still some confusion around the purpose, functionality and benefits to manufacturing. In this post, we aim to clearly state what they are, detail four different types and how they can be practically used to improve the manufacturing process. Continue reading

How to Protect Your Manufacturing Business From a Cyber-Attack

How to Protect Your Manufacturing Business From a Cyber-Attack

According to an IBM report into cyber security, manufacturing is the 2nd most hacked industry, second only to healthcare. This may come as a surprise; after all, it is easy to assume that the financial sector takes the biggest hit from cyber-attacks. While this might have been true a few years ago, since 2014, they have heavily invested in cyber security, leaving hackers at a loose end.

The manufacturing industry is currently moving at speed into the digital age and adopting Industry 4.0 practices. Despite this revolution, the investment in cyber-security hasn’t kept up resulting in potentially vulnerable systems.
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Medical Device Assembly

Read some of our case studies and articles for examples of some of the innovative projects we carry out with our clients and strategic partners.

GB Innomech have experience in producing systems ranging from bench top measuring devices to fully automated medical device assembly and End Of Line Testing (EOLT) machines enjoying repeat custom from many of the most respected medical device manufacturers, as well as many early stage technology businesses looking to bring first products to market.
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Innomech boosts Michell manufacturing efficiency

Innomech has designed and developed a new semi-automated workstation to help a major UK-based manufacturer – and another local Ely-based business – to improve the manufacturing efficiency for one of its leading ranges of high precision industrial sensors.

The new system will allow Michell Instruments to shorten production timescales, further improve product quality, and to increase its capacity to meet fast-growing international demand for its Easidew dew point sensors, particularly from the US and major European markets.  Easidew sensors are routinely used for moisture measurement in gases and liquids across a broad range of sectors including industrial processing, medical gases, and compressed natural gas fuelling stations.

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General Engineering

Read some of our case studies for examples of some of the innovative projects we carry out with our clients and strategic partners

The diversity of experience that our engineering team has gathered over the years enables us to confidently select and combine techniques based upon a sound understanding of their benefits and possible limitations and integrate these to your application. Being able to combine different technologies, with confidence, enables us to design and build innovative automation solutions that will reduce product cost and improve product quality

Understanding Automated Assembly

Understanding Automated Assembly

You might think that automated assembly is a relatively new advancement in manufacturing and while it is true that the industry continues to evolve its automation processes at an incredible rate, the first true revolution in automation began as early as 1908. In this post, we endeavour to help you understand in more depth the purpose of an automated assembly and the various machines, lines, equipment and systems that are used. Ultimately you need to know if your business would benefit.
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What you need to know about Industry 4.0

It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes in human history we experience a revolution. We are currently entering the era of Industry 4.0 and although this particular revolution isn’t spurred on my civil unrest or an overthrow of the government, the manufacturing industry is undergoing an incredible transformation. In this post we will lift the lid on this innovation and share with you everything you need to know about Industry 4.0

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Innomech delivers for Aston Particle Technologies

Innomech has designed and developed a pilot-scale production system for Aston Particle Technologies (APT) that will help the company accelerate the commercialisation of its innovative dry particle coating technology for use within the pharmaceutical industry.

APT is developing a one-step particle engineering technology to enable ‘challenging’ active pharmaceutical ingredients to be dry powder coated onto carrier particles: without needing heat, solvents or pressure.  Target applications for this processing technology breakthrough include the development of new dry powder inhaler formulations, improving the solubility of poorly water-soluble drugs, and developing taste-masking solutions for bitter-tasting drugs.

Innomech has designed the new easy-to-use system to process up to two kilograms of pharmaceutical powders which is a 100-fold increase on the capacity of APT’s existing lab-scale, proof of principle equipment.  The system provides a fluidised environment for particle contact and adsorption of cohesive material over coarse particles without the need for solvent and heat.  Pressure and temperature sensors, and an ultra-efficient heat exchanger are used to monitor and maintain the required process conditions.

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Innomech strengthens software development team

Innomech has appointed Simon Carter as project controls engineer to specifically strengthen the company’s in-house resources for the design and development of automation control software.

Simon brings over 20 years of automation industry experience into the consultancy and has held senior-level engineering, project management and other roles with automation technology giants ABB and Alfa Laval Automation.  He has also worked across multiple market sectors including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and energy.

“Simon’s track record and skills in developing sophisticated control software for complex multi-disciplinary automation projects are a significant addition to our software development team.  He has an enthusiastic and practical approach which is invaluable when we are advising clients on the development of new automation solutions or reconfiguring their existing systems to improve efficiency, reliability or their ability to handle new product variants,” said Tim Mead, managing director of Innomech.

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Innomech develops high speed packaging for global supplier

Innomech has developed a new high speed automated product packaging system that will help SG Technologies – a global leader in the production of high performance magnetic components – to more than double the production capacity for one of its highest volume products.

The new system has been designed to automate a particularly labour-intensive and repetitive product packaging process for a series of components that are used within automotive fuel injectors.  The new fully customised system gives SG Technologies the option to increase production throughput for this product line by 150%, while also improving its manufacturing process efficiency and reducing work in progress.  It also means the company’s skilled operators can focus on more varied and challenging manufacturing tasks such as short production runs of highly specialised parts.

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