Innomech system to streamline Fluidic Analytics R&D programme

Innomech has designed and developed an innovative new test station for Fluidic Analytics – the Cambridge-based protein analysis company – as a labour-saving R&D tool to help process multiple test samples and to ensure product quality.

The new test station which works alongside the company’s Fluidity systems for protein sizing and quantification will be used for on-going R&D studies targeting new protein characterisation applications and for product development. It will also be used to improve the efficiency of final performance testing of production units before shipping them to customers.

The new station automates a series of time-consuming and repetitive liquid handling and sample processing steps that are required when analysing multiple protein samples. The automated system, which is based around a Tecan Cavro Omni Flex liquid-handling robot, is programmed to sample a protein solution into a disposable chip before transferring it into a reader. The robot then waits for the analysis to complete before returning the chip to its original location.

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