Robotic Workcell

RoBox enables you to harness the power of robot based automation to increase throughput and cut costs.

Aimed at automation of workstation applications in industrial assembly and testing, RoBox from GB Innomech is a self-contained robotic workcell.

RoBox contains the power of a 6-axis or SCARA robot within a standard enclosure that incorporates guarding, safety system, operator interfaces, and a universal workbed.

RoBox can be supplied as a bare system for your own tooling and program, or GB Innomech can supply a RoBox tailored to your needs including custom tooling and programming.

Options include:

  • Safe load ports for in process loading and unloading.
  • Quick change design for multiple products.

Read about one of our successful precision Robot cells, where a customer has benefited from this approach.

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