Capsugel partnered with GB Innomech (Innomech) to design and develop a new, automated, small-footprint precision powder dispensing system.  Innomech is now repeat manufacturing the system known as the Xcelolab™ powder dispenser for Capsugel – a global leader in providing dosage form solutions to the pharmaceutical and related healthcare industries. The Xcelolab dispenser utilizes Capsugel’s patented technology and has been specifically developed for laboratory scientists who need a fast and reproducible way to precisely dispense a variety of powders.

The Xcelolab powder dispenser was designed to offer ease of use and flexibility for routine powder dispensing tasks.  The new dispenser is ideal for repeatedly weighing small amounts of any type of powder or for use when the amounts of powder are too small to be accurately dosed by conventional techniques.  Using a simple touch screen display, users can quickly dispense weights as low as 100 μg and up to 220 g by accessing a range of manual and automated dispensing operations.  The system works with interchangeable weighing balances, making it easy to dispense into a variety of receptacles, including capsules, syringes and beakers.

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