Laser Drilling

The challenge

The key to needleless injection is to deliver drugs at high speed and pressure through a very small hole so that they penetrate the skin. The best delivery material to use in these systems is glass; due to its high strength. The challenge posed was how to produce a very precise hole through the glass in five million injection capsules every year to stringent pharmaceutical industry standards.

The approach

The client had already carried out its own research, discovering that creating the hole with a laser was much more efficient than conventional moulding techniques. Our engineers considered the most viable technical solutions and then carried out a full risk assessment.

The Solution

The highlighted problems that had not previously been considered such as the Health and Safety implications of using a laser and the debris caused by ‘blasting’ a 250 micron hole in the glass were effectively managed out by good design. The design ensured correct guarding and incorporated a custom-designed air extraction and filter system, removing glass dust quickly and efficiently.

The solution utilises computerised tracking and monitoring technology and specifically designed delivery systems to ensure total traceability.

The Result

A manufacturing automation system capable of producing 5 million injection capsules per year and providing total traceability of each capsule produced.