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The Innovation Centre

The Innovation Centre

Steady sustained growth of our business required space for creative and innovative thinking on behalf of our customers. The result was the Innovation Centre, a purpose-built 6,000 square feet environmentally friendly facility, comprising offices and workshops, just outside of Ely. In January 2004 the award winning building, designed to allow for easy growth, was opened on what was previously a brown field site.

Its design reflects the ethos of the management team; it is efficient and eco-friendly, using traditional building materials with environmentally friendly features that include:

  • Under floor heating system fed by a ground source heat pump taking heat energy from the surrounding earth
  • All-round extra depth double-glazing, with special coating on south facing units
  • Special triple glazed and coated front feature windows (south facing) with integral automatically controlled blinds that track the position of the sun
  • Solar vacuum tube water heater for the hot tap water
  • A rain harvester to collect all rainfall on the building and use it to feed the toilets
  • A heat recovered fresh-air ventilation system
  • Bio digester and reed bedded pond to process all the waste and add an attractive feature for both staff and visitors, not to mention the local wildlife
  • In-house designed building management and control system, with individually controlled temperature zones, ‘persons present’ detection and intruder alert
  • Low-energy lighting system with level sensors and auto switch-off when ‘no persons’ present
  • Refrigeration grade insulated panels in the factory walls
  • Landscaped grounds to encourage natural flora and fauna, with high hedges for screening

If you would like to know more about this building and how it works for us, or talk to our innovative team about your project, please fill in the Enquiry Form.