Additional functionality and increased capability in manufacturing are achievable…. with the right automation.

Reduce product cost – improve product quality

Additional functionality and increased capability in manufacturing are achievable…. with the right automation.

Utilising our expertise in machine integration, we help businesses increase their capability, capacity, and quality across production lines or standalone automated systems.

Our years of experience in automation allow us to integrate bespoke automation hardware seamlessly into your applications with minimal disruption leading to efficient processes that will enable you to increase output.

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Years Experience

Is machine integration for you?

Today, manufacturing must be efficient and operate effectively and economically if factories continue to be well-oiled manufacturing machines.

However, we know that the cost of complete automation is not always possible or even suitable.

That’s why we use diverse technologies, software design, and hardware integration to automate specific parts of the manufacturing process – those repetitive tasks that a machine can carry out more efficiently and cost-effectively.

If you’re carrying out mass production and manufacturing on a large scale, machine integration is the perfect solution to cut costs and assign resources to other business areas.

Streamlining processes to better support a more agile workplace.

Drivers behind Machine Integration


With the right machine and hardware integration, you can create safer work environments, reducing risk and harm from previously identified hazardous areas.

For example, software integration can support the removal of operators from hazardous areas by providing bespoke solutions that meet all required specifications and standards.

Automated systems can also respond to emergencies much faster as they provide real-time monitoring. Increasing efficiencies, reducing costs, and developing a happier workforce.

Through thorough assessment and identification of risks, we produce appropriate documentation, ensuring full component traceability, with equipment tested to a customer agreed factory acceptance test before delivery.



With the right software design and hardware integration, you can dramatically improve and increase quality on production lines.
Reducing errors and misprocessing through vision inspection and barcoding, now you can detect defects, functional flaws, and any other manufacturing irregularities by part specific data inputted into the fixture providing the operator a view of the sequence of the build or assembly.

Our team undertakes feasibility studies to determine all the product handling characteristics required and the optimum vision inspection solution. Analysing the most appropriate techniques for measurement and inspection against the range of products and handling required.

Vision inspection allows for flexible and consistent processing, allowing you to measure critical dimensions, track and rectify flaws, detect incomplete and damaged products, target rejects, predict maintenance, and ultimately, optimise production.

With vision inspection, we can ensure you continue to uphold high-quality standards.



Scale production quickly and with ease, increasing output, for example, with the extension of conveyor capacity.

Let the team at Innomech unlock the hidden capacity in your manufacturing processes.

With the introduction of robotics or material handling systems, you can also respond to production changes, such as changes to product quantity, much quicker. Providing you with flexible automation that allows you to manufacture different products simultaneously.



Benefits of automation

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  • Reduce manufacturing costs
  • Collect accurate and timely data
  • Avoid costly replacements to old machinery
  • Deliver innovation to the workforce boosting productivity tremendously
  • Focus on other business areas as you divert resources elsewhere.

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Scale automation with ease. If you’re looking to scale or introduce automation at specific stages of a process, you need more than great technology. YOU NEED INNOMECH

A committed team who has experience in technologies such as:

  • Robot handling
  • PLC control
  • Pick and pack
  • Vision systems
  • A team with skills in:
  • Mechatronics
  • Specialised automation
  • Production automation
  • Control systems engineeringCustom, innovative design, and validation.


Go beyond standard manufacturing processes.

Integration into your applications is effective and seamless and can include robotic handling, electro-mechanical and pneumatic positioning systems, vision systems, and PLC / PC-based control systems as we aim to reduce risk and production costs and speed up production processes while maintaining and increasing consistency and quality.

With the right machine integration, you can meet your customer needs quicker, increase sales, and create a better work environment.
We can provide machine integration solutions for even the most complex business processes using the most advanced technologies.
Improve your competitiveness and increase efficiencies in your manufacturing today.

How we can help

We take time to understand your systems by evaluating processes, checking automation feasibility, and examining levels of risk.

We provide:

Confidence: You can be confident that our solutions meet your requirements and high standards. We understand risks and how best to mitigate these, abiding by all health, safety, and regulatory requirements.
Experience: We work across all industries and use our expertise and experience with diverse technologies such as vision inspection systems, robotics, product placement systems, and more to improve your manufacturing processes and increase your business outputs.
Trust: Whether a large integrated machine or one that has minimal control components, we provide fully validated and compliant machines with complete test documentation, installation, and operational guidance. Testing functionality and recovery against failure affect documents and safety specifications; we also test systems in isolation and as part of the whole machine.

Enhance workflows, improve accuracy, and deliver consistency with Innomech.
System integration in your manufacturing brings together all component sub-systems into one unified system.


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  • Do more with less
  • Look at 24/7 production
  • Make more efficient use of materials
  • Increase value for the customer
  • Provide you with enhanced value in delivery.

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