As the leading bespoke automation specialists, we design, develop, and produce innovative special purpose machines for the manufacturing industry
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We design and develop customised bespoke automation solutions.
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We bring automation to life. Simplifying processes, improving efficiencies, and reducing costs.
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We help reduce costs, improve quality, and boost productivity.
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We help reduce and enhance performance and reliability, boosting operational efficiency.

If you have a unique operation that requires bespoke automation, look no further.

We go beyond standard, off-the-shelf automation, developing tailored solutions that allow you to manufacture new products and grow your business.

We leverage our experience and expertise in bespoke automation and special-purpose machinery to deliver new processes that support the introduction of new products to the market for our customers.

Managing the technical risks associated with these processes, we take a flexible, agile, and strategic approach to all projects.
Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of technologies, including pneumatics, vision systems, robotics, mechanical and electrical engineering, software integration, and much more.

If you are looking for a robust automation solution to develop and control a new or existing process, let our engineers help.

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Are you looking for a team of experts you can trust with the design and build of special purpose and bespoke automated machinery?


Do you want to add greater capability and functionality to your existing manufacturing operations while maintaining exceptionally high levels of quality?


Are you looking at ways to de-risk your processes? Do you have a new and unique product that requires bespoke, custom-built automated machinery? Let us assess the process and identify the risks.


Are you looking at ways to improve machinery uptime and reliability? Let us assess your processes and identify system improvements that could be made.


How Can I Make My Automation Project a Success?

Automation in manufacturing is now the key to driving efficiency and productivity. For streamlining processes, reducing errors, freeing up time and resources, and improving profit margins. However, how do you ensure success? What elements and factors should you...