Automation has revolutionised manufacturing; it isn’t just a process accessible to the big businesses involved in mass production. The technology is so advanced that automation can be utilised by smaller – mid-sized businesses who want to significantly grow their output and profit. What often holds these businesses back is the investment in the equipment or a third-party manufacturer. In this post, we will show you the benefits of automation to help you to decide if it is right for your business right now.

Increased productivity

The process of manufacturing with automation technology is quicker. This saves an incredible amount of time and increases your output.

A customisable system  

The precision of automation allows you to customise your requirements very specifically. Complex processes become simpler and more bespoke jobs can be done with less convolution.

Saving lives and limbs

The manufacturing business has always been potentially dangerous to work in. Although systems and legislation have been put in place to improve safety, putting human hands into manufacturing will always carry a risk. Automation takes away the need for people to be up close to the process and as a result reduces accidents significantly. The industry still needs skilled human intervention to program the system, but this is done remotely and safely.


The process of automated manufacturing might be quicker, but this doesn’t mean that quality is sacrificed. In fact, the system allows for minimal human error even on the most complex of tasks.

Financial savings

Although there is an initial investment required into automated processes, the long-term financial savings make good business sense. When you save both time and money in manufacturing your turnover will see the impact quite quickly.

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