Innomech’s designers are experienced in producing innovative designs for special purpose machinery, utilising the expertise of industry seasoned engineers. Our design will incorporate the best technological building blocks for your unique process.



Innomech’s designers are experienced in producing innovative designs for special purpose machinery, utilising the expertise of industry seasoned engineers. Our design will incorporate the best technological building blocks for your unique process. Our design team have frequent ad hoc and formal design reviews to determine that normal operation, validation requirements and failure mode effect are captured, ensuring that every aspect has been thoroughly considered.


Validation starts at the design process. Our experience has shown that designing a bespoke system solely to meet the User Requirement Specification (URS) will result in a machine that is difficult and costly to validate. Our designers anticipate validation throughout the design phase, so that the machine not only meets the specific user requirements, but also provides functionality to control and monitor operational elements. In this way we simplify maintenance procedures and avoid, where possible, avoid unnecessary diversions during the validation process.

Our quality management system, based on Gamp 5 and ASTM E2500, provides revisioned documents, component traceability and conformance certification. In addition Innomech can also produce Installation and Operation Qualification (IQ/OQ) documentation as well as Gauge R&R and other relevant studies to facilitate the project implementation.


We know that for most customers, the delivery of the machine is just the beginning of an integration, training and validation process. As well as providing the necessary documentation, our team can also provide on-site assistance during these early stages.

If for any reason the machine needs to be altered or updated after delivery, Innomech can also provide remote assistance for software updates, on-site assistance for more involved alterations, as well as providing all the relevant documentation for revalidation and revisioned updated specifications.


Innomech has developer partnerships with with ABB, Toshiba and Mistubishi for robot supply, but our evaluation of your process may dictate alternate technology. Our engineers have experience of integrating a variety of robotic equipment provided by many of the established robotic manufacturers.


Innomech have provided many of the leading medical device and pharmaceutical companies with validated End Of Line Testing (EOLT) equipment. These EOLT’s have been either stand-alone machines, which involve manual loading and unloading, or have been integrated into automated assembly machines to produce a complete assembly and test process.


Innomech’s industry seasoned automation consultants have the diversity of experience to confidently select and combine techniques based upon a sound understanding of their benefits and possible limitations and integrate these to your application. Being able to combine different technologies, with confidence, enables us to design and build innovative, bespoke automation solutions that will reduce product cost and improve product quality.

Precision Handling

Many automation projects require components to be manipulated, but some stretch the boundaries of automation and robot capabilities. In these cases the design of fixtures and grippers becomes critical, along with a clear understanding of the components and process.
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Vision Inspection

We have worked inspection systems at scales ranging from components of hundreds of millimetres to features of single microns. Each application requires a carefully developed arrangement of lighting, optics, camera, processing and fixtures.
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Laser Processing

Projects have included laser drilling marking and welding. We have built close links with specialist laser and optics suppliers whilst developing a variety of systems, and can integrate specialist laser equipment with high accuracy automated handling equipment to provide processing cells.
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End of line testing

We have a spacious, modern, air-conditioned assembly workshop that is equipped for panel builds, sub-assembly production and complete production system construction and running for acceptance testing before shipping.

Our mechanical and electrical assembly team are able to make use of machining and fabrication facilities for development parts during prototyping and evaluation phases of projects.
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Robot Integration

We have formed strategic partnerships with ABB and Toshiba Machine. These partnerships allow us to include the experience of the robot manufacturers when we are developing integrated systems to meet customer’s needs.
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Precision Cutting

Projects have included many different cutting techniques and a wide variety of materials to be cut. Each has its own challenges, and finding the right combination of cutting technique and process parameters relies on an extensive knowledge of cutting technologies.
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Needle Winding

Each needle winding application has its own difficulties, and our experience working with very fine wire and complex servo controlled wire placement means we are able to offer equipment for the most demanding applications.
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High Accuracy Welding

We have developed equipment using a range of welding techniques from micron diameter wire welding using servo controlled forging force to sophisticated TIG techniques for joining core drill bodies. Each application has its own challenges, but an in depth knowledge of many welding processes gives GB Innomech a head start with automation projects.