Automation consultancy GB Innomech (Innomech) has designed and developed an easy to use, fully automated printer ribbon assembly machine for ITW Imagedata (ITW), a specialist manufacturer of film ribbons and consumables for the global card industry.

The new ‘spool pairing and assembly’ machine has been developed to help ITW reduce manufacturing costs for its highest volume products and has been seamlessly integrated into the company’s existing production lines. The new machine needs just one operator and replaces a manual assembly process involving six people at different stages.

“Innomech’s automation specialists have worked alongside our in-house team to automate a series of intricate manufacturing tasks and to ensure their innovative solution fits perfectly into our existing workflows. None of our upstream manufacturing processes had to be amended, there is no need for ‘work in progress’ trays, preloading of parts into special hoppers or double handling of any components,” said David Parmenter, operations manager at ITW.

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