Invest In Your Future With Automation

2021. The year in which the UK faces a truly uncertain Brexit and the continuation of the impact of COVID19. For businesses, this means looking ambitiously to the future and incorporating automation into strategic and business planning to ensure growth, success, and future development.

Strategic investment in automation not only helps to address current demand (look at the intense demand for automation of PPE during the height of the COVID19 crisis), but it opens up the opportunity for growth into new markets.

We understand that production managers, production engineers, plant automation engineers, and more are looking now more than ever to maximise profit from new and existing products by developing bespoke automated manufacturing processes.

We also know that businesses and teams are now actively looking to improve their current operations, reducing costs where appropriate, and creating long-term sustainable processes.  Providing the flexibility and fluidity to meet the ever-growing needs of clients worldwide.

Change in the face of adversity

Today, more than half of businesses want and are planning to increase their investment in automation.


Because automation has proven to be a sustainable way to not only survive but to thrive in extreme and fast pace market conditions.

However, the real value in manufacturing automation comes from our learning from current UK manufacturing processes.

No longer do humans have to do the dull, dangerous, dirty, and dear jobs that we can develop and customise machines to do for us.  Now we can customise more processes, systems, functions, and more to become automated in some capacity, allowing for work to be done faster, safer, cheaper, and more accurately.

Benefits of investing in automation

Investing in automation based on the 80:20 rule, also known as the Pareto Principle, focuses on making relatively small changes – automation – to the 20% of manufacturing processes that produce the best results, 80% of your outcomes.

By prioritising these manufacturing processes, businesses can maximise input efficiency, generating greater return on investment and subsequently increase their bottom line.

However, streamlining those repetitive tasks to bespoke automated systems is key. Automating what matters, not over complicating it, and not looking for the quick win.

Building these elements into strategic planning and development allows businesses to reap the benefits of:


      • Improved efficiency
      • Increased productivity
      • Higher quality
      • Increased safety
      • Maintaining and redeploying existing staff and resources.

Automation is an element of business that drives productivity, safety, profitability, and quality.

It is what keeps businesses competitive but, most importantly, connected.

Those businesses investing in their future will grow faster than their competitors as this type of investment allows businesses to reduce costs that are not falling elsewhere in the sector – making them more productive hence more profitable, adding more workers to their workforce.

Invested businesses also gain a larger market share as now you can service clients of all sizes in a much more effective and efficient way, regardless of your size.

What investing in your future with automation can lead to?

It helps to meet shifts in culture, technology, and ultimately how society interacts with the environment.

For example, think about how automation has increased productivity within the pharmaceutical industry, where we now see automation categorising and packing pills. Or in the Food and Beverage sector, where bespoke automated manufacturing processes are implemented to slice and wrap food ready for export.

We have medical systems that are now much less invasive than traditional surgery, where robotic-assisted surgery sees surgeons carry out delicate and complex operations all through small incisions.

All achieved through investment in automation.

How Innomech can make the future a reality

Even with the uncertainty of Brexit, those that invest in automation now can be confident in their ability to grow and develop alongside economic changes and developments.

Our focus is on creating sustainable, long-term strategic development. It’s about investing in the application of technology.

That’s why at Innomech, we design, develop, and build bespoke manufacturing automation processes that focus on a business’s sustainable development for the future.

If you’re looking to invest in your future with automation and would like to speak to the experts in the field, contact our team today.

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