Businesses who automate their manufacturing process do so because they want to make the process easier; they want to create a slicker, cost-efficient and quicker supply chain. When all goes well, it achieves these goals. However, to get to the point where everything works with ease, there is a process to go through first. Here at Innomech, we work hard to build relationships with business owners that are built upon on honest communication and trust.

The first step is establishing if automation is what your business needs and put together a plan with costings. We do this before we make any agreement or sign any contracts so you know exactly what you are getting into.

The time and energy all parties put in at this stage pay dividends later on when the right decision is made for your business. If all is agreed then an efficient automated manufacturing system can be established and you can focus your time and energy back into business growth and development.

Sensitive data

To some business owners, this presents a dilemma in itself. To be able to understand the complex processes involved in your product, we need data but some people are quite resistant to give it. They quite rightly worry about sharing too much sensitive information about their project before contracts are signed. This is completely understandable and because we specialise in bespoke automation, it’s an issue that presents itself often with potential customers.

It is the reason we created a system that solves this problem. We only collect information that serves everyone. We have a process that gives us enough data to make accurate calculations, make recommendations and quote for the work. Crucially though, the customer isn’t required to give us any fine detail. They are guided through a data collection process that gives us an overview of the key areas without sensitive information being disclosed.

Here is an example of some of the information we require an overview on…

User Requirements Specification (URS)

  •  Purpose
  • Project Background
  • Scope
  • Budget
  • Assumptions
  • Constraints
  • Specification summary
  • Parts
  • System Specification
  • Safety Requirements
  • Life Cycle Requirements
  • Project Requirements

 Here at Innomech, we are experts in bespoke automation. We know the challenges you are facing right now and the barriers stopping you from taking that next step. We are here to help you through that process with ease. Giving us the time to complete this initial assessment is that next step. Together, we will make the rest history.

For more information on how we can help you, contact us!