Why Outsource Industrial Automation?

Industrial automation is a complex process that requires a systematic and tested approach. There are various factors to consider including the feasibility and risk that will inform the project approach. Some businesses opt for creating these systems in-house with the intention of saving money and retaining control so why should a business consider outsourcing industrial automation – in this post we hope to explore the benefits and discover if it really improves performance.

Bypass the Learning Curve

When you manage the industrial automation in house it is a process that needs setting up and testing. Experienced and specialised engineers need to be hired and trained. The whole system needs a maintenance procedure. The time it takes to do this could be spend practically analysing, designing and implementing prototypes or completing full industrial process automation.

When you outsource you are enlisting the support of those who are experts and do this same job on a daily basis. There is no learning curve, no expensive recruitment process just action towards your goal.

Specialised Equipment at No Extra Cost

The fast pace developments within industrial automation means that equipment needs upgrading regularly. Some may think that these improvements can be manually installed using traditional methods but with high feature control equipment, specialist knowledge is essential. Without it, the equipment is at risk of running at higher costs and not performing to the standard you would expect.

When you outsource to a company who specialise exclusively in the business of automated industrial systems they rely on their equipment and invest in the professional upgrades. You can relax in the knowledge that this is taken care of and is not something you have to spend money on or worry about at all; leaving you the time, space and finances to focus on pushing your business and products forward.

Stay within Health and Safety Laws

The modern and complex equipment comes with set health and safety requirements that are complex within themselves. All engineers working on the machines need to be highly trained and well versed in health and safety regulations. The ignorance of which could be deadly, both in practical terms and financially if any oversights come to light and your business is prosecuted.

A company that is outsourced to takes this responsibility on for you, once you are satisfied they are compliant you don’t have to consider it again.

A Quicker and More Efficient Service

An industrial automation business is skilled and experienced, enabling them to put together unique systems for all of their clients that allow for a quick and efficient process. They also consider the most effectual methods of managing machine downtime, limiting the interval that the machine is out of action for routine installation and commissioning activities.

In general terms, the whole process is quicker and more efficient when outsourced than when managed in house. The consequence of this is the financial savings made from in-house automation are spent out anyway and in many cases the final costs are more. Not to mention the additional stress, time and resources that the process involves that can be completely bypassed if outsourced to a third party.

Here at Innomech we provide automation innovation for industrial and laboratory automation. For more information on how we can improve your services, contact us here.

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