So we live in a world of virtual reality, driverless cars and the every day, the internet sits in the palm of our hand. For anyone who watched Tomorrow’s World as a child, I think it is safe to say the future is here. So with all these advances what about the world of medicine and health care? In this post we will share 3 of our favourite and most exciting medical technology advances that are happening right now. As you read, remember this is not science fiction!


Understanding exactly what is going on inside the body gives doctors the power of knowledge. They are able to make the right decisions about treatment without having the risk of human error. For this very purpose huge research has been undertaken into radiology. The revolutionary radiology machine is able to perform multi-functions and detect various illnesses by assessing biomarkers alongside inputted symptoms. One example of the innovation radiology will create is in a very short and effecticent time this incredible piece of tech can tell you how how many of your cells are cancer free. Imagine the difference this will make to people’s lives, their recovery from illness and the daily life of a doctor. You may have seen similar machines in futuristic films before but they are real and very much in the present.

3D Printing

3D printing is revolutionary. It is possible to print anything from a gun to a house which is why the biotechnology industry could see the value and is developing the capabilities to print living cells. Organs from hearts, to ears and even arms have the potential to be printed as well as the drugs themselves. Obviously like many issues that have arisen from 3D printing, regulation is very important but the potential is also huge. Imagine the near future where there is no longer an organ transplant list, those in need won’t have to wait for someone to die to get hold of a live saving organ, they can literally have one printed, bespoke to their body. This is just a heartbeat away.

Digital contact lens

Google do more than help you find your nearest Chinese restaurant, they have invested heavily in medical technology and have patented a digital contact lens that has some surprising features. The lens is able to measure the level of blood glucose of an individual within their tears and therefore give a new and less painful way for diabetics to measure their sugar levels. Currently in the testing phase this technology is not on a film, imagine what else could be measured and monitored through a contact lens or other implants? The possibilities are very exciting.

Here at Innomech GB we may not be making cyborgs or virtual reality doctors right now but what we are doing is supporting innovation in the medical industry every day. You see we use automation and robotics in medical device manufacturing. Our customers come to us and return time and again because we provide a bespoke service to their specifications, we are compliant to necessary regulations, we provide both flexibility and repeatability while all the time reducing labour costs.

If you would like to learn more about Innomech and how we can help you in your medical device manufacturing contact us here.